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Buying Networks: The Basics

If you are establishing a new network, we recommend 10/100 Mbps networking hardware as it is the most common and compatible type available. Using 10/100 technology will allow your hardware to run at either 10 or 100Mbps speeds and ensure downward compatibility with older/slower hardware. Newer networks also support Gigabit speeds (1000 Mbps)!

Finding out the answers to the following questions can help you create a shopping list for the hardware that would best suit your needs:

Is your existing network 10Mbps or 10/100Mbps?

If your network is 10/100 or you want to upgrade your 10Mbps network to 100Mbps, then we recommend 10/100 PCI LAN Cards, 10/100 PCMCIA LAN Cards, and 10/100 Switches.  If you really want to go fast; we can even consider Gigabit (10/100/1000) as an option!

HP Procurve Switch (24 Port)

Do you anticipate the need to expand your network in the future?

If the potential for future expansion exists, we recommend using stackable 10/100 Mbps hubs which will allow you to increase the capacity of your network in the future. If the need for expansion is not anticipated, then a standard, 10/100 hub is acceptable.

Do you experience bottlenecks on your existing network or want to maximize performance on your new network?

If so, then we recommend replacing your existing hubs with Ethernet switches to optimize data flow over the network.

Do you require printers on your network?

If you need your printer(s) to be networked, we recommend a 10/100 Mbps print server to allow centralized control of network printing and permit the easy addition of new printers to the network.

Determining the answers to these basic questions will allow you to determine the hardware requirements for your network installation.







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